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Maureen McWilliams


Maureen McWilliams
Maureen McWilliams Receptionist

I have been at Kilbarchan Vets for 16 to 17 years now. I started as the cleaner, then I was asked if I would like to step up and become a Vet Nurse Assistant. I mostly worked through the back helping with the animals, nurses and vets. The last 4/5 years I have been at reception working alongside Karen. It took me a while to be able to talk to clients believe it or not as I was shy. But working with Karen (the gift of the gab) has rubbed off on me. It's a pleasure working with a great bunch of girls and vets past and present. Vets come and go and I would like to think that we made a good impression while they were here.

I have lived in Kilbarchan most of my life apart for 5/6 years in Linwood. I have worked in Playtex, McAlpines, was a Registered child minder, Dormouse Designs, a home help and now at the vets. I have 2 children James and Kirsty who have given me 3 grandchildren each. I never thought I'd have 6 grandchildren but I love them all to bits.

I have always loved animals and considered myself to be more of a dog person until my late friend introduced me to cats. I ended up with 2 Burmese,1 Siamese,1 Oriental and 3 Devon Rexes. I now have Ollie who I hand reared from 12hrs old. Robbie & Callum 2 Mogs Freddy & Razzi 2 Devon Rexes. I used to show my cats, Freddy is a Grand Premier and Robbie is a Grand Master.

I have seen so many animals come through the doors. It breaks my heart every time someone goes back out without their pet. Something I will never get used to.